Yallah Wallah

Rockstar Tees is constantly aiming to promote and pay respects to the place we call home (Dubai, UAE), and what better way than to create unique and custom graphics that the local and expat community can relate too. ‘Yallah Wallah’ T-Shirt was created to reflect everyday scenarios for people from all walks of life who even native speakers or not, still know and use these two words.

Learning a language can be extremely difficult for many and even more so for others. Each dialect in the world is different one way other another be it changes in letters, symbols, spelling and even pronunciation. Within the Middle East, Arabic is one of the predominant languages amongst Hebrew, Kurdish, Persian and Turkish.

Dubai and the other Emirates in the UAE are native Arabic speakers and much like any other language there are common phrases and words that are used in every day life with many different meanings depending on the context they are used. ‘Yallah’ and ‘Wallah’ are two very common words that are constantly heard any time of day and anywhere within Dubai. They mean ‘Hurry/Let’s Go/Come On’ and ‘I Swear By God’.

The idea of using typography to promote the Arabic language phonetically came to action as Rockstar Tees wanted to stimulate and provoke people’s thoughts. Ask yourself, when you read the words ‘Yallah’ and ‘Wallah’, do you say it out loud or in your head? Do you translate it in your mind to Arabic or think of what it means in English, Hindi or another language?

Our regular fitment 100% cotton unisex T-Shirts are stylish and comfortable enough to be worn for any occasion, and can be customized upon request. You can design your own custom T-Shirt from either your desktop or mobile with our easy-to-use online designer. Select the size, colour and get creative! Securely pay online and receive you bespoke order within 3 working days.


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