Yallah Wallah

Rockstar Tees is constantly aiming to promote and pay respects to the place we call home (Dubai, UAE), and what better way than to create unique and custom graphics that the local and expat community can relate too. ‘Yallah Wallah’ T-Shirt was created to reflect everyday scenarios for people from all walks of life who […]

Beach Brunch Boogie

Being based in the Dubai, Rockstar Tees are proud to be a part of the region and experience the diverse cultures, nationalities as well as cuisines. ‘Beach Brunch Boogie’, is a unique custom t-shirt that represents what many Expats would say are their three favourite hobbies while living in the United Arab Emirates. With the […]

Addicted to Karak Design T-Shirt

Addicted To Karak is a unique T-Shirt design brought to you by Rockstar Tees. Being based in Dubai, UAE we wanted to pay tribute to the local cuisine, cultures and traditions. There is an abundance of cultures in Dubai and the UAE and from the total population in the UAE, more than 90% are Expatriates. […]